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Sewmanju Shirt in Helsinki Tencel

December 11, 2019 1 min read

Sewmanju Shirt in Helsinki Tencel

Sewmanju has been sewing with our fabrics again - this time it's a Tencel shirt and as always it looks great. For those of you who don't know her, Sewmanju is a prolific sewer and blogger - her blog and Instagram posts are so inspiring.

This is what she said about the fabric.....

"The top is made from breathable sandwashed tencel twill and is cool and comfortable to wear in a perfect shade for autumn (cinnamon)."

She went on to say...
"Sewing this tencel was a breeze. It washed perfectly, did not require any special needle to sew, and was stable to handle. It drapes beautifully. I am hoping it will be more robust for every day wear than silk. It also comes in three other gorgeous shades, perfect for blouses, shirt dresses, drapey skirts, jumpsuits and more."


The fabric is called Helsinki and it's a lightweight woven twill made from 100% Tencel.

It's a super quality fabric and we now have seven beautiful colours available, so go ahead and pick your favourite.

If you would like to read her whole blog post, it's here.

It's also worth following her on Instagram as she always posts inspiring photos. https://www.instagram.com/sewmanju/ or @sewmanju