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Simplicity Sewing Pattern S9441 13" Plushies

Lovable 13" button jointed dragon, dinosaur, bear and bunny plushies. Make as gifts. Give as memory friends using cherished fabrics. Get creative designing a scrappy plushie with fabric bits from other projects.

Difficulty: Average

Suitable Fabrics

A, B, C, D, Contrasts A1, B1, C, D: Fleece, Long and Short Pile Fleece, Cotton / Cotton Blends, Flannel, Cotton Jersey Knits.
Nose A, B, C, D, Contrast A2, B2 in Felt.
Pattern 9441.

Click on the tabs below to see the line art drawings and fabric quantity details from the back of the pattern envelope.
  • Simplicity Sewing Pattern S9441 13 Plushies 9441 Line Art From Patternsandplains.com
  • Simplicity Sewing Pattern S9441 13 Plushies 9441 Fabric Quantity Requirements From Patternsandplains.com