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McCall's Pattern M6338 Carriers, Hot Pad and Picnic Totes

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Package includes patterns and instructions for Bottle Carrier A: 5½"W. x 14"L. (14cm x 36cm); contrast lining. Hot Pad B: 7½" (19cm) square; contrast patch sections. Casserole Carrier C: 12" (31cm) square; contrast straps. Small Picnic Tote D: 10"W. x 9½"L. (26cm x 24cm). Large Picnic Tote E: 21"W. x 12½"L. (54cm x 32cm). View D,E have contrast pockets, top, straps and self lining. View E has contrast inside pockets. Measurements for totes are approximate and exclude straps.
Pattern 6338.

Click on the tabs below to see the line art drawings and fabric quantity details from the back of the pattern envelope.
  • McCall's Pattern M6338 Carriers Hot Pad and Picnic Totes 6338 Line Art From Patternsandplains.com
  • CARRIERS, HOT PAD AND PICNIC TOTES: Bottle Carrier A: Contrast lining. Casserole Carrier C: Lined with pre-quilted hot or cold fabric. Picnic Totes D, E: Self-lining. E: Contrast inside pockets.
    C: 1/4 yd. of 3/4" VELCRO® Fastener Tape and Hot or Cold Pack.
    D, E: Fabric Glue or 3/8" - 3/4" Narrow Strip of Paper-backed Fusible Webbing and 3/16" Cord: 25/8 yds. for View D and 37/8 yds. for View E.
    SUGGESTED FABRICS: A, B, C, D: Cotton, Cotton Blends, Novelty Cotton.
    Lining C: Pre-quilted Hot or Cold Insultated Fabric. Interfacing D, E: Heavy Craft Weight.
    *With Nap **Without Nap ***With or Without Nap

    Fabric widths given in inches.
    A - 45"***, 1/2 yd.
    CONTRAST A - 45"***, 1/2 yd.
    45", 1/2 yd.
    B - 45"***, 1/4 yd.
    CONTRAST B - 45"***, 1/4 yd.
    BATTING B - 45", 1/4 yd.
    C - 45"***, 3/4 yd.
    CONTRAST C - 45"***, 1/4 yd.
    LINING C - 45"**, 3/4 yd.
    D - 45"***, 7/8 yd.
    CONTRAST 1D - 45"***, 3/8 yd.
    CONTRAST 2D - 45"***, 5/8 yd.
    CONTRAST 3D - 45"**, 1/4 yd.
    SEW-IN INTERFACING D - 18", 20", 17/8 yds.
    E - 45"***, 13/4 yds.
    CONTRAST 1E - 45"***, 17/8 yds.
    CONTRAST 2E - 45"**, 13/8 yds.
    CONTRAST 3E - 45"***, 1/2 yd.
    SEW-IN INTERFACING E - 18", 20", 25/8 yds.

    Fabric widths given in centimeters.
    A - 115cm***, 0.5m
    CONTRAST A - 115cm***, 0.5m
    115cm, 0.5m
    B - 115cm***, 0.3m
    CONTRAST B - 115cm***, 0.3m
    BATTING B - 115cm, 0.3m
    C - 115cm***, 0.7m
    CONTRAST C - 115cm***, 0.3m
    LINING C - 115cm**, 0.7m
    D - 115cm***, 0.8m
    CONTRAST 1D - 115cm***, 0.4m
    CONTRAST 2D - 115cm***, 0.6m
    CONTRAST 3D - 115cm**, 0.3m
    SEW-IN INTERFACING D - 46, 51cm, 1.8m
    E - 115cm***, 1.6m
    CONTRAST 1E - 115cm***, 1.8m
    CONTRAST 2E - 115cm**, 1.3m
    CONTRAST 3E - 115cm***, 0.5m
    SEW-IN INTERFACING E - 46, 51cm, 2.4m